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Since 1973, Redi-Gril products have been a stalwart in most restaurants and top fast food chains as the grill scraper of choice. Safe, efficient, easy to use, and easy clean up, Redi-Gril products have earned a respected reputation. Virtually indestructible, the handle to our blade is perfectly positioned for cleaning a flat top grill. Although there are replicas, nothing beats Redi-Gril.​

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Redi-Gril Heavy Duty Grill Scraper by Redi-Gril, LLC

The Redi-Gril heavy-duty grill scraper is the industry choice for cleaning commercial and restaurant grills. With this high quality heavy-duty metal grill scraper, cut cleanup time and effort in half and remove food and grease buildup that can ruin grill surfaces. Designed for use on flat top grills, the heavy-duty scraper is tough enough to remove burnt residue left over from virtually all types of food products.

  • Designed for tough jobs
  • Thoroughly clean hot grills.
  • Blades are easily replaced without tools.
  • Removes food and grease residue that can ruin or damage your grills.
  • Prevents flavor transfer of burnt foods.
  • Cuts cleanup time in half!
  • Dishwasher safe for fast, easy cleaning.
  • ​Disposable and able to re-sharpen blades are available.

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