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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Easy Fixes for Your Aching Back from Redi-Gril, LLC

Even if you’re grilling for one, or if you are a cook that uses a commercial restaurant flat top grill, standing on your feet all day is no picnic. It’s lousy for your feet, your joints and your ligaments. There’s new research that suggests it may also increase risk for chronic disease.

One of the best things to help alleviate the back pain is to work smarter and more efficiently. Our grill scrapers speed the cleaning process, clean up time is cut in half! With our newly patented Heavy Duty Grill Scraper with Squeegee, the time savings is even better.

Of course, this work is still hard on your back. Look through this list of easy exercises and see how many of them you can fit into your working day. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor. *These are tips and not intended to be given as medical advice. For any serious injury or condition, please consult a medical professional.
  1. You can do this one while you’re actually cooking. Starting on your heels, put your weight onto the heels of your feet and then lift your toes into the air. This will help stretch all the muscles in your feet. After you've completed about 10-20 reps, do the same with your heel. Place your weight onto the balls of your feet, then lift your body up. This will benefit your circulation.
  2. Shrug the stress away in your shoulders and back. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears, and then let them go. Each time you raise your shoulders, move your shoulder blades around for extra relief. You can also roll your head back onto your neck. Hear it cracking?
  3. Keep your hips loose by swaying from side to side. You can pretend there’s a song in your head and you’re swaying to it. Keep a steady motion and just pull the muscles in your hips slightly to give a small stretch. Do about twenty reps and then move your hips in a circular motion, first, counter-clockwise and then do the same clockwise.
  4. If you can walk away from the grill for a few minutes, try doing some squats. If you’ve never done them before, go easy. A squat will tone all of your muscles, so work on getting the reps up.
Take good care of your feet. Wear the best shoes you can find. You might want to look into something with a “rocker bottom”. Then, at the end of the day, massage your feet. Lacing your fingers between your toes to spread the toes can help to promote blood flow and balance your foot muscles.

And remember that you want to keep moving. Standing all day is no better for your health than sitting all day. Mix it up when you can.

Please check back with us to read about healthy grilling and lots of things to make your life better!

We are always thinking and innovating so please follow our Upcoming Products page for more, and of course come to our website to view these products and everything we offer at Redi-Gril.com. If it doesn’t say Red-Gril it’s not the original! And all made in the USA!

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Redi-Gril Grill Scrapers by Redi-Gril, LLC


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Healthy Eating in 2017

We’re one month into the New Year, and have you thought about eating a little bit healthier this year? It’s something that shows up on the top of a lot of resolution lists, and quickly gets discarded. We’re going to give you a few tips to help get you started. Nothing drastic and nothing scary, just some easy stuff you might never have thought of before.

Here are some very basics:

  • Use whole-wheat flour whenever you can, in place of white flour.
  • Greek yogurt works in place of sour cream. You want to buy the all-natural kind.
  • Ground turkey works in place of red meat for just about anything.
  • Oatmeal will make healthier meatballs and meatloaf than breadcrumbs will.
  • Instead of salt, use citrus juice or herbs that you like. Life shouldn’t be a salt lick.
  • Steam instead of boil. It saves nutrients.
  • Brown rice or wild rice is healthier than white.  You can try bulgur, too.
  • When you’re baking you can reduce the amount of sugar you’re using by adding vanilla or cinnamon or nutmeg. Or apple sauce. Make sure that you buy the unsweetened kind and you can use it in a lot of baking recipes. You can use it in place of butter and your creation will remain moist and delicious. Applesauce will also substitute for eggs. Go figure, and don’t tell the chickens. The ratio of applesauce to butter is one to one: if a recipe calls for 1/2 cup of butter, simply sub in 1/2 cup of applesauce. For every large egg a recipe requires, use1/4 cup of applesauce in its place.
  • Instead of bacon you can try turkey bacon or Canadian bacon. They’re both good, but try not to eat bacon too often. It’s sort of a classic “no-no”.
  • Don’t butter your pans! Use cooking spray or non-stick pans...unless you’re in a French cooking competition.
  • Cottage cheese isn’t just for diets, if that’s what you were thinking. Read the label and make sure you’re getting the low-fat kind, then you can use it in place of sour cream on a baked potato, or instead of ricotta cheese in lasagna, or when you bake a cheesecake, or with any kind of fruit for a fruit salad, or on some whole wheat toast with jam on top, or you can drizzle it with honey and cinnamon and stick a cherry on top for dessert! You can also use it to thicken a sauce without having to add butter and flour. The bonus is that it’s packed with protein.
  • At some point in time butter became the enemy. During the 1970s people blamed it for everything and then ran to margarine. When margarine turned out to be not the world’s best choice, people ran back to butter because, well, you can’t beat the flavor of butter, as long as it’s the real thing. But how to use less of it? You can use butter along with olive oil or canola oil or peanut oil when you’re cooking. When it comes time to “butter” the bread or muffin or bagel, how about cream cheese instead? Or unsweetened jam or jelly?  Or the all-time favorite peanut butter.
  • What about that olive oil? First off, you want it to be EVO. That’s not a brand name. It stands for extra-virgin olive oil. If the bottle doesn’t say “extra-virgin” it won’t have all the antioxidants that you’re looking for. It’s the staple of the famous Mediterranean diet which just about everyone agrees is the best for your heart. What you do have to know is that the taste and price vary drastically. Ideally, you’d like to buy the highest quality that you can afford. What you might not know about olive oil is that it comes in flavors! You can buy it flavored with basil or garlic or bacon (!) or chipotle... the list goes on. You can learn how to flavor or “infuse” your own, too. It just takes a little imagination. There might even be a store in your town that will swamp you with choices and ideas.
These really are just some of the easy basics. A lot of good things start with baby steps. Check back with us and read about healthy grilling and lots of things to make your life better!

We are always thinking and innovating so please follow our Upcoming Products page for more, and of course come to our website to view these products and everything we offer at Redi-Gril.com. If it doesn’t say Red-Gril it’s not the original! And all made in the USA!

Redi-Gril Grill Scrapers by Redi-Gril, LLC