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Since 1973, Redi-Gril products have been a stalwart in most restaurants and top fast food chains as the grill scraper of choice. Safe, efficient, easy to use, and easy clean up, Redi-Gril products have earned a respected reputation. Virtually indestructible, the handle to our blade is perfectly positioned for cleaning a flat top grill. Although there are replicas, nothing beats Redi-Gril.​

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Home Grown Grillin’

Regardless of your political stripe, there’s a certain amount of pride when you purchase something that is made in America. Especially at a time when so many labels read China, or Japan, or maybe even a country you’re not sure you’ve ever heard of and sure can’t find on a map. Along with the pride, you get a healthy splash of confidence. Americans make things that last and wear well. From the first Ford Model T, manufactured and sent down the assembly line in 1908 (an aside... did you know it sold for $825 and the price dropped to $575 four years later!) to our very own grill scrapers, buying American promises durability.

When you buy American, you’re helping to keep local businesses strong and you’re supporting domestic job growth at the same time. Without even thinking about it, you’re helping to keep your fellow Americans in their homes and gainfully employed. You might even be helping to keep businesses here, and stopping the outsourcing trend. And look at the great products you get!

Have you ever ever seen someone pick something up at a store and see a “Made in USA” label and then disdainfully put it back? Not likely. Even our wines rival the best in the world. Don’t mess with us!

We have been in business since 1973, and our products have been a stalwart in most restaurants and top fast food chains. Safe, efficient, easy to use, and they offer easy clean up. Although there are replicas out there, nothing beats Redi-Gril.​

There’s no need to question anything about the quality of our products. We use the highest quality materials available; strong aluminum A360 for our handles, blue tempered steel blades and FDA and EU “food safe” certified silicone. On the off chance that the need arises, we offer replacement parts. And we’re nice people to deal with. (We’re not making this up. We hear it all the time.)

No matter whether you’re a pro or an amateur, our products are grilling must-haves and you’ll wonder how you got along without them.

We are always thinking and innovating so please follow our Upcoming Products page for more and of course come to our website to view these products and everything we offer at
Redi-Gril.com. If it doesn’t say Red-Gril it’s not the original! Thank you for looking.

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