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Since 1973, Redi-Gril products have been a stalwart in most restaurants and top fast food chains as the grill scraper of choice. Safe, efficient, easy to use, and easy clean up, Redi-Gril products have earned a respected reputation. Virtually indestructible, the handle to our blade is perfectly positioned for cleaning a flat top grill. Although there are replicas, nothing beats Redi-Gril.​

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Burgers You Never Thought Of!

There’s something about summer and burgers. They just seem to go together. Meat lovers, chicken lovers, vegans...everyone seems to crave a burger when the seasons change and the grills fire up. You’ve already made it through the July 4th onslaught, but we have a ways to go before summer is over.

You probably know by now that just about anything goes on a burger. People put guacamole on them, and eggs and pastrami and hot peppers and garlic and bacon, of course, and all sorts of cheeses and greens and pickles. We’ve seen them made with ahi tuna and harissa tomato sauce and cream cheese. Not all together, but you’re getting the picture. Whatever makes your mouth water and your stomach happy belongs on that burger!

There’s a sort of insanity that hits in the burger world. This picture is of the BIGGEST burger in the world - so they say – at The Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, New Jersey.

They call it ‘The 8th Wonder Burger’, and it’s also known as the Mt. Olympus Burger. It’s 11.5 inches high and 28 inches across. If you want to enter a contest, you and nine others will have just 60 minutes to eat the whole thing. If you win, and no one ever has, you’ll get $5,000!

Should you find yourself in England, you might like to wrap your mouth around this one.  In Exeter at Red Ruby, you can take your best shot at The Monster Red Ruby Burger Challenge. You’ll be facing seven six-ounce burger patties, seven slices of cheese, 14 slices of bacon and two giant portions of double-fried fries and you’ll have just 20 minutes to down it all. The prize? A free meal, and a t-shirt. (You could consider this a warm-up to the $5,000 in New Jersey!)

Ready for one more? How about the Triple Coronary Bypass Burger Challenge at the Vortex Bar & Grill in Atlanta, Georgia. 

You’ll never guess what this one has. Three burger patties, 14 slices of American cheese, 10 bacon rashers and three fried eggs. Here’s the surprise: two grilled cheese sandwiches sitting there on top. The prize is that the burger is free, but you get bragging rights.

We hope this has inspired you to get a little creative. But you know what? If you like a plain burger that’s just fine. When all is said and done, it’s that real grill flavor that people are looking for.

And when the grilling is over and it’s time to clean up, please remember that we make the best grill scraper available today. It will keep your grill clean and well-maintained. You can get a mini one, or a heavy duty one, or a heavy duty one with a squeegee. Any of them will get the job done right, save you time and money, and take some pressure off your back, legs and feet. Think of it as a Christmas present in the summertime. That keeps on giving.

If this is your first time visiting us, we’d like to point out that our scrapers are made right here in the USA. This is something we’re very proud of. We help keep Americans working, and there’s no question that we help them keep on grilling.

We are always thinking and innovating so please follow our Upcoming Products page for more, and of course come to our website to view all of the products and everything we offer at Redi-Gril.com. If it doesn’t say Red-Gril it’s not the original!

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